***Moving forward with life***

I went to Michele with a long list of stress related ailments that I hardly knew I had! Her gentle therapies and astute understanding of what I required both physically and mentally were literally life-changing. If you allow yourself to be open to the techniques she uses you will discover a new you - the you you knew you were.

"Michele is very friendly and professional and creates a relaxed atmosphere"

"Michele is non judgemental and I trust her and the process of Kinesiology"

"Extraordinary impact on areas identified to be addressed and change to behaviour-I felt in control and ready to tackle issues. Felt very good!"

"I felt calm and relaxed and in a safe place.

I now have a sense of calm and insight into how my body is feeling"


***Child with Anxiety***

My daughter is 10, going on 16 and full of the worries of school, friendships and doubting herself. Michele has an incredible way with my daughter/ children. My daughter was instantly at ease, chatting and sharing. Together they are working and moving though the worries and stresses. My daughter loves her sessions, and would attend more than she needs - given the choice. 

***Massage to ReConnect***

Before seeing Michele over three years ago for a once a month massage, I did not connect with my body due to a hip injury from a road accident in my teens, and a hysterectomy three years ago, but since having monthly massages, Michele has helped my mind to connect with my body to feel self-compassion towards parts of my body that have been hurt and traumatised in the past.  Her gentle massage techniques she uses to improve my posture and breathing have made significant improvement to me both physically and mentally.  Her kindness, understanding and empathy have been amazing, and I would recommend her to anyone who would like to find ways to feel better with themselves as a whole person.

***Anxiety & Phobias***

I had no idea what to expect from Kinesiology but I wanted to try something that would help me to reduce my anxiety and explore my phobias. Michele has helped me to do both by using her Kinesiology techniques for me to find ways of becoming more assertive at work without feeling nervous or anxious, and being able to be part of a team without the fear of being judged by others. Kinesiology has made think more positively about life. Thank you Michele.

***Urine Infection & Emotional Release***

I went to see Michele, having suffered for 7 years with a regular  reoccurring urine infection, and also my diaphragm would get stuck on my ribs periodically. I had 3 incredible appointments with Michele, where we chatted, and she asked my body many questions. Not only did Michele help me with many emotional releases I had no idea I had locked away. I can now state I have not had my reoccurring infection since. Amazing. I recommend Michele to everyone I meet. If you don't try it, you won't know how its feels to be free

"Michele  is very passionate about her work"

"Really impressed!'

"Michele gives very skillful and therapeutic massages. Through her warmth, empathy and kindness, she creates a feeling of trust and allows deep relaxation to occur."

"Amazing understanding and knowledge"

"I feel that Michele is 100% always with me, there for me in the sessions.  Everything is made to feel ok. She is doing great work"

***Grief & Blocked Emotions***

Kinesiology has literally helped turn my life around. I’ve  always been very open to alternative therapies and have practiced some myself, but this one blew me away. It was fantastic, unbelievable almost!
I have battled for years with a number of issues such as depression, anxiety, low self esteem, low self confidence, fluctuating weight, migraines, food cravings but to top it of I suffered with  ME for 3years from which I have been left with fibromyalgia. I had such a lack of energy which any mother /wife would find difficult but with being quite sporty I found it very difficult to deal with. I knew being active would help in so many ways. I wanted so much to be healthy again. 
The real crunch point for me that convinced me kinesiology was having such a large impact, was when we work on LOSS. I lost my father aged 20 and it was a very traumatic experience being so young but also trying to finish my degree whilst nursing him. This grief had LOCKED itself inside for 25 years. it was trapped inside my throat sitting there waiting to be able to jump out at people to share if an appropriate opportunity arose. I needed to share this loss and how awful it was. It was through the tenderness, support and sheer gift that Michele has, that I was able to let go. All I can say was that the release was literally like ‘vomiting’ the grief up. The release was so powerful that both Michele and I were blown away. I wailed from the bottom of my heart and stomach. It just came roaring out. Michele was there, holding me, constantly reassuring me that I was safe.
Since that session the urgency to disclose my grief vanished. It was such a relieve. Like being set free. My tummy stopped hurting, I felt more relaxed and less anxious. It trapped me no more!
After that, each session we had we looked at all the afore mentioned issues. I felt similar experiences of feeling freed. It was incredible. I was given homework which I was very proactive with as I wanted to help myself so much and to continue working through these areas outside the sessions. These included breathing techniques, affirmations , daily abdominal massages with a blend Michele mixed up especially for me and she also gave me crystals to work with. 
I am now running 3 times a week and swimming 3 times a week which was a product of self love and self image that we worked through together. I certainly didn’t t think that I would be trying to run a half marathon to raise  money for a mental charity at the end of the year.
This truly has been the best thing I have ever done for myself. The results are amazing and I m so grateful to have had Michele. She is such a fantastic, skilled , intuitive and knowledgable therapist. A natural.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Michele Atkin

 07791 438186